Girl’s Room Fashion Stage

OK, I have to admit when my wife originally came to me with this idea I was skeptical.  Space is not something we have a lot of in our house and our daughter’s room was already crammed full of “stuff”.  So when it was suggested that I build a stage in her room I was admittedly dragging my feet.  However, after getting some inspiration from Pinterest, I found myself actually getting excited about this build.  Not to mention, our daughter has a great talent for music and fashion design so the trepidation wore off and the build began!

Girls bedroom fashion stage

The frame was built out of standard 2X6 boards and 3/4″ plywood. Since we wanted the plywood to sit inside the 2X6 frame but also still leave a little edge to attach some lights, we ended up routing a 3/8″ notch out of the outside 2X6’s to secure the plywood but still leave a clean front edge. The inside ribs of the frame are also built out of 2X6’s but they all had 3/8″ ripped off the width to match the notch on the outside boards.


The plywood sits loosely in the frame for easy disassembly. Some inexpensive stick-on tiles competed the stage surface nicely. And no stage would be complete without some fabulous lighting so we secured an 8 foot strand of multi-colored rope lights with clear silicone.

Let the show begin!

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